Safran Filtration Systems for Airbus A330 and A340 Aircraft

HP Filter Type AD 24 – Hydraulic Filter (F0559)

This filter is installed in the braking circuit. The primary function of the HP filter Type AD24 is to supply clean hydraulic fluid to the breaking circuit. The fluid must be free of any solid particles equal to or larger than the filtration ratio of the filter element.

Modification of the HP Filter head installed on AIRBUS aircraft type A330 and A340 to obey the new fatigue requirements with impulse pressure at 225 bar and 6,500,000 cycles.


  • High efficiency 
  • Improved filter head design
  • After embodiment, no further maintenance required
  • Longer life and pressure resistance


  • Service Bulletin SB-FA04804A-269-001
  • Component Maintenance Manual (CMM) 29-11-46
  • EASA Design Organization Approval n EASA.21J.031
  • Available direct from Aviall


  • Airbus A330 and A340


  • FA04804A
  • FA00512A
  • FA00512A Amdt A

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