February 20, 2019

Michelin Buy One Tire Get One Tube Free Offer!

Order the new Pilot Tire and corresponding Tube and the value of the tube will be credited back to your account!

Features and Benefits:

  • EXTRA LONG TIRE LIFE – Engineered from the ground up to provide more landings due to highly-durable rubber compounds and deeper skid depth
  • ALL WEATHER PROTECTION – Designed for long-term ozone and UV light protection, as well as excellent hydroplane resistance
  • OPTIMIZED TREAD PROFILE – Helps provide for true track taxi, take offs and landings
  • TUBE TYPE AND TUBELESS DESIGN – Reduces overall wheel weight and helps eliminate tire creep on the wheel (MICHELIN® PILOT® tires can be used with a tube on tube-type rims)
  • EXCEPTIONAL BALANCE – Exclusive manufacturing process results in built-in balance for smooth taxing and even tire wear
Tire Part Number Tube Part Number
025-501-0 097-500-0
025-309-0 092-308-0

Valid on purchases through May 31, 2019, or while supplies last.