May 2, 2019

Kell-Strom Mastic Removal Kit

Self-contained kit used to remove mastic materials

The Mastic Removal Kit was developed to ensure that when removing mastics such as PRC-Desoto from fuel cells, no scratches can be found on T6 aluminum as well as many soft surfaces. This kit will ensure that you have the least amount of time spent on repairs while reducing potentially hazardous situations.


  • No scratching on T651 aluminum as scratches may lead to increased crack propagation
  • Non-Sparking grounded pneumatic system – a must have with fuel systems
  • Dramatically reduces the amount of solvents needed when working with PRC-Desoto
  • Save time on fuel tank repairs with the new super sharp – Hollow Ground edge
  • Eco-Safe disposable bags for safe operations within fuel systems
  • Chisels are made from environmentally safe non-toxic recyclable polymer
  • System is Silicone free for Mastics – PRC-Desoto adhesion concerns

Kit includes:

  • Pneumatic impact hammer
  • Set Of Chisels –  no-scratch, no-spark replaceable chisels –  (3) .250 (6) .500 (6) 1.000 In Long
  • Super quiet “Hollow Ground” sharpener
  • (2) Disposable sharpener catch bags
  • 16 Foot long anti-static hose
  • Pelican Strom waterproof case


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