August 1, 2019

Half Off Michelin® Pilot® Tires

50% off the list price of the new Pilot Tire from Michelin.*

Features and Benefits:

  • EXTRA LONG TIRE LIFE – Engineered from the ground up to provide more landings due to highly-durable rubber compounds and deeper skid depth
  • ALL WEATHER PROTECTION – Designed for long-term ozone and UV light protection, as well as excellent hydroplane resistance
  • OPTIMIZED TREAD PROFILE – Helps provide for true track taxi, take offs and landings
  • Tube Type and Tubeless Design – Reduces overall wheel weight and helps eliminate tire creep on the wheel (MICHELIN® PILOT® tires can be used with a tube on tube-type rims)
  • EXCEPTIONAL BALANCE – Exclusive manufacturing process results in built-in balance for smooth taxing and even tire wear
  • APPROVED ON CIRRUS – Can be mounted on any wheel that can accommodate a 15X6.0-6 and/or 5.00-5 size tire.
Part Number Size Ply Rating List Price


15X6.0-6 SR 160

6 $425


5.00-5 SR 160

6 $399

*Valid on purchases through August 31, 2019, or while supplies last.