August 2, 2019

Continental Prime Crankshafts – Advanced Machining Process, Precisely Balanced for Smooth Flights

Your Reliable Replacement Crankshafts

With Continental Prime™ crankshafts you can enjoy quality, performance, and durability backed by over 110 years of manufacturing excellence from Continental®. We now produce most FAA-approved replacement parts needed to maintain, repair, or overhaul your engine. When you choose Continental Prime™ premium replacement parts, you also receive additional advantages such as more competitive pricing, an excellent factory warranty, and world-class customer service from our global product support team.

Crankshafts are one of the hardest working parts in your engine, so why settle for the ordinary? Continental® ensures that your engine is equipped with a crankshaft that is precisely balanced for smooth flights and priced so you receive the best part without breaking the bank. You enjoy the performance, quality, and dimensions that you have come to expect in your replacement parts, and you also benefit from peace of mind knowing that Continental Prime™ crankshafts are durable, reliable, and ready to fly upon installation.

Prime™ crankshafts are made by highly skilled and experienced technicians whose role at Continental® is to ensure that each part produced meets the highest quality standards and tolerances. Your Prime™ crankshaft also benefits from a Vacuum Arc Remelt (VAR) steel alloy and advanced machining and processing to ensure your crankshaft gives you the best possible quality and durabilty.

Customers also benefit from an excellent warranty on your Prime™ crankshaft that activates when the crankshaft is first operated for any use or on the 180th day after the invoice date (whichever occurs first) and lasts for a period of twelve (12) months, or 500 hours of operation (whichever occurs first)**.

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**See warranty specifications on our website:

*** This document lists all crankshafts currently in production by Continental® for ease of reference and is not approved by the FAA. For official PMA parts eligibility and status by the FAA, refer to PMA Parts Supplements 49 and 56.