CONCORDE Aircraft Battery Parasitic Load Tester

New Parasitic Load Tester (PLT) measures the parasitic load / drain on aircraft batteries when the master switch is off and the aircraft is inactive. The tester is designed to mate with a MS3509 style quick disconnect receptacle. This innovative PLT was conceived and engineered in response to concerns in the aviation community about the effect of parasitic loads / drains on battery capacity, state of charge, airworthiness and battery life.

Instructions on how to measure parasitic load and calculate time to battery depletion are provided in Instruction Manual, Aircraft Battery Parasitic Load Tester, Document No. 5-0409. The manual is packaged with the PLT and is also available online.

Parasitic Load Tester (PLT):
3” wide x 1.0625” tall
10.5” test leads

P/N: 4102