August 6, 2019

BONDERITE Conversion Coatings – Now Available from Aviall!

First choice: BONDERITE Conversion Coatings

Once the conversion coating has been applied as a fundamental surface layer, there is no chance to replace it – reason enough to choose high-performance coatings only. With BONDERITE, Henkel offers multiple options in conversion and chemical coatings for all your metal pretreatment processes and for more applications than any other chemical provider. This high-end quality is the reason why our various types of proven BONDERITE conversion coatings are listed in many OEM process specifications.

Why choose BONDERITE Conversion Coatings:

  • Stabilize metal surface
  • Protect metal surface from corrosion
  • Inhibit corrosion spread
  • Improve paint adhesion and adhesive bonding

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* Class 3 only available for Immersion method.

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BONDERITE, known as ALODINE®, conversion coating products per MIL-DTL-81706B, are actively managed by Henkel Aerospace Products and Services with NAVAIR. As required by NAVAIR, Henkel maintains rigorous formulation and manufacturing site control, as well as quality control batch release testing for these MIL-SPEC products. To extend the Henkel warranty and certification, customers are instructed to procure these products from authorized manufacturing sites and from Henkel authorized aerospace distributors. The customers are liable for compliance with its process requirements. For more information on Henkel products and approval sites per MIL-DTL-81706B, visit: and