AllProtect Nonwoven Rolls – Now Available from Aviall!

ALLProtect is a padded, non-slip protective covering for long-term applications or repeat use on interior and exterior surfaces during building, maintenance and repairs.

AllProtect Nonwoven Roll

P/N: ALLPRUS0350-100-0025
39 3/8 inches x 82.02 feet
20 lbs
269 sq/ft

AllProtect Nonwoven

20” W rolls packaged in two packs
P/N: ALLPRUS0350-050-0025
20 inches x 82.02 feet
20 lbs per pack
269.10 sq/ft per pack


  • Easy installation
  • Strong bond
  • Slip-proof
  • Impact absorbent
  • Free of harmful substances


  • Airframe: leading edge, wings, turbine work
  • Interiors: cabinets, carpets, side panel
  • Windows: no effect on acrylic
  • Avionics: creates non-slip surface for antennae work
  • Detailing


  • Padded mechanical protection
  • Flexible material with adhesive backing that sticks without tape
  • Creates safe, non-slip surface that is padded
  • Usable vertically and horizontally
  • No residue*
  • One person installation results in labor savings
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Reusable

* ALLProtect has been shown to leave no residue in most common applications; however, users should always test application of ALLProtect in an inconspicuous area before applying to ensure that no residue is left.

Important instructions of use to be read before product application:

ALLProtect has been tested at various temperatures and humidities and shown to leave minimal or no residue when applied to common aviation surfaces including painted aluminum panels, wood finishes (including flat and high gloss finishes), acrylic windows and plated control knobs (e.g. light fixtures,  seat components, furniture components). However, ALLProtect may leave some residue under certain environmental conditions and/or when applied to certain surfaces and SurfaceLiner therefore cannot guarantee that ALLProtect will be residue-free in all applications. In order to minimize the possibility of residue, you must (1) clean and dry all surfaces immediately prior to applying ALLProtect; (2) test application in an inconspicuous area to ensure performance prior to applying ALLProtect in critical areas; and (3) regularly remove ALLProtect and check for residue when using for extended periods.