Who We Are / Aviall in a Brief

Welcome to Aviall! We proudly keep the world in flight by providing aftermarket parts, equipment and services for the aviation industry. Repairs are an inevitable complication to aircraft operators. Aviall steps in to help make this process as easy and cost effective as possible. Our thriving business is built on relationships, internally and externally. We partner with over 250 manufacturers, hold relationships with aircraft operators and MRO providers, and nurture a powerful intracompany culture that values and empowers the individual. This dynamic social synergy enables Aviall to be a competitive global leader. We serve business aviation, general aviation, commercial and defense customers located across the world.

An age old dilemma for manufacturers is the question, “If I make it, who will buy it?” On the other side of the coin a customer asks, “Who will give me what I need, when I need it?” For certain markets, demand can be fairly easy to predict. For the aviation industry this is not the case. Aircraft require expensive equipment in order to function properly. Buyers do not want to spend heavily on new parts they “potentially” need. Manufacturers do not want to invest a great deal in production and risk leaving their finished goods sitting unused in inventory. The result is long lead times between manufacturers and buyers.

Edward “Doc” Booth, a West Point graduate and Army Air Corps pilot was the original forerunner for Aviall. In 1932, he founded an aircraft sales and service company, located in Dallas, Texas. Another key individual, G.B. Van Dusen, was motivated by the gap in the aviation supply chain, and in the 1940s started Van Dusen Aircraft Supplies. In the beginning, Mr. Van Dusen would gather airplane parts and fly them to customers in an old Stinson aircraft. His business model placed an emphasis on fostering relationships and alleviating long lead times.

Both of their companies grew and throughout the 20th century several partnerships and mergers occurred. In 1981 Cooper Airmotive (Booth’s company) merged with Aviation Power Supply to form Aviall. A few years later in 1986, Aviall purchased Van Dusen Air, Inc. These dynamic mergers and acquisitions resulted in several years of large scale growth. Boeing noticed Aviall’s success and in 2006 they acquired the company. Today, we carry on our rich history of business and reach into new areas fueling growth and innovation.